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*The rental includes the USB device+Internet access

*Aircard® rental USA includes unlimited e-mailing and internet browsing , fair usage policy apply.


Sierra 598U

The Sierra Wireless 598U modem is a tiny, rectangular USB modem. It is extremely light in weight as it weighs a mere 0.8-ounce and measures a small 3.1 by 0.9 by 0.44 inches. The modem sports on it a blue power light and an orange LED. This orange LED on the top of the modem lights up when you get connected to Sprint’s zippy EV-DO Rev A 3G network.
The modem features SmartView connection software. This software automatically gets installed the moment you plug the modem to your Windows7, Vista, XP, and Mac PC. The modem’s interface offers you to manage your laptop’s Wi-Fi connection. The modem houses an integrated GPS chip that enables you to use SmartView by which you can locate banks, hotels, and restaurants via Microsoft Live Maps. The Assisted GPS feature enables the modem to work even indoors through cell-tower triangulation.
The 598U offers average download speeds of 1.29 megabits per second (Mbps) and a peak value of 2.5 Mbps. The upload values are 518 Kbps and 779 Kbps for average and peak respectively. The Sierra Wireless 598U modem is the ideal way to connect to  EV-DO Rev A 3G network with your computer.



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